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This site was created and is run by a full-time contractor/carpenter. I run this site, write articles, and make videos in my spare time.

The tools I review are tools I use, often every day. I use tools 8-12 hours per day 5-6 days per week. I see a lot of popular sites and reviews by folks who really have little (or no) experience working with tools.

Instead of criticizing them I have created with reviews done by professionals who use tools to create things every day. At the moment most of the reviews are being written by myself, but I have a few other professional contractors and tradesmen who are and will be submitting reviews.

Owning and using good tools is important to me. They make my life just a little easier. I enjoy talking about tools and sharing information and opinions. I hope that this is not one-sided and that we can have some good discussions.

I work hard writing, taking photos, and filming in my limited spare time so I ask that you do not republish or use my content, photos, or writing. All content is copyright.
All photos are generally either directly from the manufacturer or shot and edited by me.

Thank You,



Define Sage:

I’ve had a few people ask me what a sage is and why this name was chosen. Mostly because I needed a name I thought sounded cool and was easy to remember.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Sage or SAGE may refer to:


A “sage” is any wise teacher, someone who imparts wisdom or the perennial philosophy, may refer to a:

  • Wise old man, a kind, wise, paternal figure, often archetypal or stereotypical
  • Philosopher, particularly one distinguished for wisdom, depth, or sound judgment
  • Poet, particularly of transcendental or devotional poetry

Sage (Sophos), a Stoic wise man

Sage (name), a surname and given name (article includes a list of people with the name)


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