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Veritas Cyclone Lid For Job Site Dust Collection

Using a vacuum for dust extraction is great but if you are generating a lot of dust it can become a hassle emptying your vacuum every time it fills, as well as cleaning or replacing bags or filters.

I have looked at a few options for dust collection for using on the job site and I have found one that is very simple and very practical: The Veritas Cyclone Lid from Lee Valley.

Veritas Cyclone Lid

All you will need in addition to your shop vac (or dust extractor) is an extra hose and a garbage can (or barrel) which you should probably have around anyway. Dumping a can or barrel out is a lot easier than cleaning your vac or changing the bag and you will do it less often because of the capacity.

The lids seem sturdy enough but maybe a little pricey considering it is only a piece of plastic. What it does for the price is worth it though, considering the other options.

Whatever you can hook your vacuum or dust extractor to, you can hook this up to. You just place it in line to your vac.

Veritas Cyclone Lid diagram 1

It is a simple concept similar to a Thien Separator and other more popular products like the Dust Deputy by Oneida. When the dust enters the can it swirls around and drops to the bottom and the rest of the air just flows to the vac.


Veritas Cyclone Lid diagram 2


Lee Valley claims it to get 90-99% of saw dust and chips and I would say the result I get isĀ  around 90% for sawdust generated from cutting with a table saw or miter saw.

After running a bit of cedar through a tablesaw for a while I had quite a bit of dust in my trash can and very little in the vacuum.

Trash Can vs Shop Vac collection


One word of advice if you decide you would like to go this route is to make sure you have a very sturdy/thick/rigid container (a barrel would be ideal). When I used my Fein Turbo II vacuum it would collapse my plastic trash cans into themselves because of the suction. With the plastic trash cans shown, I had to use my Ridgid vacuum that has less suction. However, it obviously worked just fine. The only problem with using the Ridgid vacuum is that it doesn’t have an auto-start switch and I had to use a separate automatic switch that I eventually just taped onto the vacuum.

In conclusion, I would say this is a very good purchase and something that I use whenever dust is an issue and I am doing lots of cutting.

I would recommend this for a contractor with saw dust concerns on the job site or even a DiY workshop where space and budget is a concern.

4/5 Stars

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